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FurLand: history and achievements

At the origins of FurLand are Masters, who pass from generation to generation love for furs and sewing skills, the finest kinds of needlework and creativity. In the history of the founders of the brand - talented artisans, artists, designers and architects. The team of fur trade professionals carefully preserves and accumulates the secrets of skill, knowledge and skills in making clothes, hats and accessories from natural fur.

FurLand is a special niche company among manufacturers and sellers of natural fur products, supplying beautiful fur products all over the world.

The history of FurLand began back in the 80s of the XX century, when the fur studio was a subdivision of the Union of Artists of the USSR. At that time, the main goals of the elite studio was recreation of traditional and development of new fur production technologies, presentation of Russian culture at international exhibitions and events, and creating of fur wardrobe items for the country's leadership. The official date of birth of FurLand is 1989, when the company was separated from the Union of Artists and became independent. Since the 90s of XX century FurLand products are gradually becoming available to a wide range of consumers - each year producing their own designer fur collections that provide fur products of exquisite design for domestic and foreign customers. Since the 90s serial production of FurLand fur products has been established, the geography of distribution is actively expanding, the company receives its first international wholesale orders for the delivery of goods to France, Germany and South Korea.

Today, FurLand continues to work with pleasure to create beautiful and modern fur products, fulfilling the orders of customers, among them eminent companies from different countries, royalty and perfection-seeking fashion-mongers. The highest quality and exquisite design of fur products allow FurLand to adequately represent the Russian fur culture at the most prestigious world exhibitions.

In 2005 FurLand became the first Russian company to show its collections in Milan on the largest fur salon MiFUR. In 2007, the FurLand collection became the first Russian brand shown in New York at the prestigious exhibition of the best designer brands The Train. In 2014, FurLand's fur collection was presented at the exhibition The Box - Premier Classe in Paris. The next and well-deserved achievement of the brand FurLand & amp; AngelsShare became a grant for creative design from the elite exhibition Tranoi.

FurLand: brand concept

FurLand's design philosophy is to produce not just ready-made clothes and hats, but beautiful things that are easy and comfortable to wear. We strive to preserve the classical fur traditions and features of historical production, while improving fur processing technologies, expanding styles, experimenting with modern forms, exquisite textures, serial and individual design. Unchanged is only the highest level of quality of work and materials used.

The secret of FurLand's success is its uniqueness. Things created by FurLand, have their background, the history of creation and a special meaning.

FurLand fur products are a luxurious high-tech products with a solid and well-thought design that will be relevant for a long time. We like to make people beautiful by dressing them in good and quality things. Perfectly cut and stylish design, perfection of every detail, elite materials and special feeling of comfort, cleanliness and clarity of lines even in complex models make FurLand fur products recognizable

FurLand is always an interesting story of impeccable quality, woven from original ideas, vivid emotions and pleasant impressions. Exquisite work, lots of manual operations, the highest level of quality, carefully selected materials, modern design and constantly expanding range of products attract customers who prefer special things. Once becoming a client of FurLand, it's difficult to abandon headgear and clothes with the recognizable "Girl on the dear" on the brand's logo.

FL buyers are independent, confident people who prefer exclusive, special and beautiful things. For them, clothing is not a temporary trendy thing, but a continuation of personality, an expression of individuality and charisma. Customers who choose FurLand, follow the fashion, but do not follow it blindly; They often create their own fashion.

FurLand: team

The collections, unique projects and breakthrough technologies of FurLand are created by a creative team of designers led by the leading designer of the brand who were trained in fur technologies at the SAGAFURS design studio in Copenhagen, at the Kopenhagen Fur auction design center, at the Studio NAFA in Toronto and at Bunka Fashion Institute in Tokyo.

Special style and design of FurLand fur products has been repeatedly noted at various exhibitions and events. Deserved recognition of the achievements and talent of the team of designers FurLand was the awarding of the company with the Diploma No. 1 in Russia from the United Nations "For Outstanding Design of Headwear."

FurLand: deliveries

Today, the head office of FurLand is located in Moscow, the European office and brokerage office in London. The geography of wholesale sales of FurLand fur products covers Russia (with the main point in TSUM, Moscow), USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries. The main places of sales are luxury and premium boutiques and department stores.

FurLand includes a design center and a laboratory where ideas are born and new technologies are developed, as well as own production in Moscow, where design ideas are put into practice. In addition to the studio salon, FurLand collections are sold through a network of stores-distributors of the brand.

FurLand: collections

Natural fur is a precious material that you can experiment with endlessly. Each product from FurLand is the result of creativity and painstaking work of professional masters, combining in their masterpieces fur traditions with original design solutions. In FurLand collections you will find fashionable hats and fur hoods, stylish fur vests and jackets, luxury sheepskin coats and fur coats, the prices for which have a wide range

Every year, FurLand, as a fur company, presents a large seasonal collection of fur products and many capsule collections dedicated to various events. Traditionally, the collections include three lines:

- Pearl label (marked with a pearl label) - luxury collections of rare and especially expensive furs of Russian and Canadian sables, fishers, lynx and crocodile, chinchilla and karakulchi;

- Black label (marked with a black label) - premium lines made of mink, fox, karakul and Finnish raccoon;

- Blue label (marked with a blue label) - commercial collections of squirrel, rex, muskrat, Canadian raccoon, Argentine fox, coyote, goat, etc.

In addition to individual projects, FurLand participates in collaborations and produces special collections for clients. Separate projects were carried out for TSUM and DLT, Harrods department store, ZILLI company, Vilshenko design house. The new project of 2017 is a joint collection with the famous textile designer Olga Thompson.

FurLand advertising can be found in the magazines Vogue, ELLE, L'Officiel, InStyle, Collezioni, Harpers Bazaar, Fashion Collection, Infur.

FurLand: Clients

FurLand takes special pride in its customers - people who prefer luxury and exclusivity. We appreciate the trust of our customers and with the help of the language of images from the brand collections we help each person to create their own style and find their mood. FurLand fur products can be found in the wardrobes of royalty, heads of state, celebrities and people who value exclusive items of ideal quality.

Among the famous customers who preferred products from FurLand - Her Majesty Queen Margretta II of Denmark, Princess Olga Isabella Savoy-Aosta, Alla Weber, Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, Evelina Khromchenko, Anna Netrebko, Olga and Charles Thompsons, Albert Elbaz, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and many others.

Warm customer reviews of headwear and top clothes FurLand inspire us to create new beautiful things:

Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark,  :
“I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for the beautiful mink fur coat and hat and the splendid zobel stole… a fine example of the high standard of Russian design and craftsmanship.”

Alicia George, B.C. International Group: “Your innovativeness and exceptional craftsmanship leave little to be desired. The workmanship is SUPERB. This is certainly the quality of merchandise that our customers are in need of.
Thank you for your beautiful products and your support.”

Monique Lessard, Ogilvy: “Thanks for the caps, great quality!”

Roxanne Vandenberg: “in Venice shopping for boots, and I could not take my eyes off that hat )) so I purchase it..))))”

Rory Tahari, designer: “Thank you so much! I love the hat so much and am so looking forward to receiving it. It is so special! Spacibo bolshoi!”

Philip Barnard: “Thank you very much for your kind help! My wife decided to start a new style on Exmoor' (the area where we live in South West England)!
I like your hats so much! They are so cool, they do not hot and they are comfortable!”

Natasha Korol, London: “Hats worn wonderfully! All happy))”

Elena, Russia: “Very nice hat! My mom is really happy! Thank you very much!”

Xenia, Russia: “Love your hat!”

Natasha, Russia: “You have a very cool hats)))! I want ALL) Love your hat!”


FurLand and revival of fur traditions of Russia

Russia, famous for its harsh climate, dense forests and fur-bearing animals, has always been considered a fur power. Natural fur, or as it was otherwise called, "soft gold", became a visiting card of Russia and contributed to its ascension to the international trading level. For ancient russians, fur was used as a universal means of payment, served as a form of gifts and tribute, was an important component of the dowry of rich brides. Of course, fur was used and for its main purpose - warm caps and outer clothing were sewed from it. Until the end of the XIX century, Russia was the largest supplier of fur in the world market. Later, the role of the fur empire was shared by the USA and Canada.

In addition to the export of furs, Russia was also famous for fur dynasties that provided fashionable public with fluffy outfits and successfully represented Russian furs in European capitals. The art of processing fur and creating fur products was carefully kept by members of dynasties and passed down from generation to generation.

The task of FurLand, a company with almost half a century history of talented fur craftsmen who create fur items with joy and love, is to preserve the invaluable experience accumulated by past generations and transfer this knowledge as the DNA of the brand, translating them into beautiful products. Today, FurLand contributes to the revival and preservation of fur art, continuing to dress people in beautiful and fashionable clothes made from natural fur.

FurLand: materials and technologies

Natural fur is the oldest material used to make clothes. Fur passed the longest history of clothing - from a simple skin, warming the primitive man, to works of art created with the latest technology. During the thousand-year history, fur has changed beyond recognition: scientific discoveries and modern technologies make it possible to change the structure and texture of fur, subject it to various colors, soften and lighten it. In addition, the latest approaches change the traditional approach to the design of fur products, allow you to experiment with the forms and volumes of fur garments.

Increased attention in FurLand is given to the quality of the raw materials, on which the appearance of products and their durability depends. Sewing fur coats and other FurLand products is made from furs exclusively of the quality of the highest sorts, which are OA certified and have been processed in Europe, as well as the best types of leather and fabrics. FurLand cooperates in the field of design and technology with international fur auctions: SAGAFURS, American Legend, North American fur auction NAFA, Kopenhagen fur, Soyuzpushnin auction.

The use of proprietary technologies in production allows FurLand to achieve the ideal ratio of flawless cut and the convenience of products. FurLand fur products are characterized by extralight weight and exquisite design. Thanks to the developed proprietary technology "Furland Сlimate technology", the softness and lightness of fur headgear and clothes is provided. Any female hat or fur hat from Furland is an ideal headgear: it is not hot in warm days and not cold at very low temperatures. Thanks to the custom heat technology "Furland Сlimate technology", each headwear becomes a special kind of therapy. An additional detail of Furland hats is a special patented lining that forms a special space around the head of the person and allows you to keep your hair on. In the outer clothing is often used branded lining Furland of 100% viscose with a logo in the form of a girl on a deer.

The latest technologies and modern equipment make it possible to achieve a high quality of tailoring of fur products of any complexity level. In some cases, the products are completely hand-made. The whole cycle of manufacturing fur products, including cutting overwear from fur ("changing coat") or sewing caps from the customer's fur, is under strict control. Each product undergoes a thorough quality control at every stage of the production process. Models of designer hats, outerwear and accessories from natural fur from FurLand are produced in limited quantities, each product has an individual number.

FurLand: online store and Salon-atelier

Natural fur is appreciated for its warmth and extraordinary comfort, which is given by fur outerwear and headdresses, but its aesthetic function is equally important. A beautiful product made of genuine fur, whether it's a hat, a winter park with fur trim or a women's fur coat, always gives its owner a sense of luxury and irreproachable style, emphasizes his special status and exclusivity, even if it is an image in the style of casual chic or street style.

Fur store www.furland.ru is not an ordinary hat shop, a fur coat shop or a fur factory selling factory products. Things from FurLand have a design basis, the highest quality and are made from the best materials specially selected by the company's purchasing specialists. Regardless of whether you want to simply buy winter hats, sew a fur coat or sew a man's fur vest, cooperation with FurLand will be a fascinating process for you, which brings a special pleasure.

For customers wishing for something special, we offer a VIP-service - individual tailoring of exclusive headwear and fur outerwear. You can choose the style, design and coloring of the desired product, and our specialists will realize your dream in a refined fur.

Salon-studio FurLand offers a wide range of products that will interest customers with original models, a variety of fur and impeccable quality of tailoring. If you want to buy a fur vest or buy a fur hat, in any case, you should visit the fur online store FurLand.

FurLand collections include a wide variety of models. It is possible that if you want to buy a fur beret or buy a fur hat for a child, you will also look for a luxurious female fur vest for yourself or stylish mink hats for the whole family. The assortment of headdresses includes fur hats-beanies, hoods, caps, kerchiefs, baseball caps, caps and other models made of fox fur, raccoon, astrakhan, rex, mink and other types of elite furs. Outerwear and accessories are represented by stylish fur vests, cloaks, scarves, parks, coats and short coats, jackets and pelerines. To request and further discussion is available any model of fur outerwear or fur hats, photos of which you can find on the site.

FurLand: additional services

FurLand customers are people who want not only to buy a fur coat, but to get real pleasure from owning a warm and beautiful thing. The luxurious appearance and durability of fur garments largely depend on proper care. We offer an additional set of services for the care of fur products, repair and restoration of clothing. One of the special offers for our customers is eco-spa and FurLand cleaning for clothes made from natural fur.

The salon-studio also accepts orders for individual tailoring, services are provided for supporting care of things, VIP tailoring and emergency assistance in case of reconstruction and urgent repair of clothes. At the FurLand atelier, your fur clothing will receive a remarkable care, which will provide it with an excellent view for a long time.

Special discounts and offers of FurLand club, free consultations will be a pleasant bonus for our clients, and a preliminary booking for consultations will allow them to plan time correctly. Specialists-consultants of the FurLand store will always help buyers with professional advice when choosing products.

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